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Why should real estate agents get their home staged?

Let’s be honest you did all your homework, researched with your client to set a competitive asking price of the home. You had decent people coming to your open house. But no one called your phone or emailed you with offers. You might be wondering what went wrong?

Here’s the problem – real estate agents focus too much time on selling the home. But not enough time spent selling the solution to the home buyer’s problem. You must show the solution buyer’s problem through home staging. With home staging, the buyers can perceive what their lifestyle will look like living in that home.

Home staging will:

  • Help you make more commission by increasing the listing price.
  • Allow differentiation to your client’s property for potential buyers in a competitive marketplace.
  • Save you time and effort while you focus on other aspects of selling the home.
  • Make your client’s house look professional and stunning.
  • Keep your reputation protected with the client and the buyers with our experienced team and high-end furniture.
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Our Home Staging Services Include:

  • Bathroom Staging
  • Bedroom Staging
  • Dining Room Staging
  • Kitchen Staging
  • Living Room Staging
  • Outdoor Area Staging
  • Patios Staging

Happy Customers

“First time I visited and saw one of the houses Sandra has worked on, I knew straight away that I wanted my house interior decorated from her. She has the gift to turn ordinary spaces into elegant rooms demonstrated from her garage to bedrooms, lounges, kitchen, and outside spaces. I have seen her work over the years, and I can recommend her to anyone who wants to turn their house into a home with an exquisite touch.”

Desmond, Palmerston North

“Sandra has a very great sense of coordination with colours and finer details of rustic and modern furniture pieces when she decorated my home. Her coordination is not just putting furniture in a house, it’s about the presentation of a house to turn it into a livable and beautiful space.”

Ashley M

“Sandra provides very professional interior deco and home staging services. She has taste in her selection of furniture, linen and interior deco stuff. Sandra did our Mission’s interior deco and it was exquisitely done. It is completely transformed and looks fantastic. Can’t believe it could look so fantastic.

I definitely recommend Sandra to anyone wanting a good look in their home or wanting home staging before selling the house.”


Classy Home Staging
Classy Home Staging Waikato
Classy Home Staging Hamilton

Looking to stage your property?

Get in touch with us on how our home staging services can benefit your property listings.