Frequently Asked

What is home staging?

Home staging helps craft a positive impression for your property to the buyers. The goal is to create an attractive perception in the property that resonates with the targeted buyers to sell your property faster and at a maximum higher selling price.

What makes Classy Home Staging different from other home staging businesses?

Sandra understands the importance of what first-time buyers and investors are looking for in a home as she was an investor herself. She and her team have years of experience to deliver key factors of the buyer target market. Our outstanding creativity and professionalism will deliver high quality, paying attention to detail in every room, furniture, and accessories.

What sets us apart is that we understand your requirements and have engaging testimonials from our happy clients to ensure that Classy Home Staging will take care of everything to sell your property to its maximum price. Plus, We have access to every style of modern furniture.

Is home staging expensive?
We would consider home staging as an investment rather than a cost. Homestaging will help your property increase its selling price and improve the look of your home without needing expensive renovations.
What does home staging include?

When you work with us, we provide a preparation plan, which will state the styling, furniture & accessories transportation, maintenance, insurance, and pack up process. The preparation plan will also mention which type of furniture and accessories will be used to style your home.

The plan will not have hidden costs, and we make sure to charge the exact price that we quote.

How long does it take to stage a home?

It’s best to talk with us about this as home staging process time can vary per project. It’s best to start the styling in two weeks so we can prepare and plan before your property goes on the market for sale.

Where are you located?

We are located in Hamilton. But we regularly stage homes and holiday homes all around the Waikato region like Cambridge, Te Awamutu etc.

Our address:
9 Mataroa Crescent, Flagstaff, Hamilton

Can I buy the furniture?
Yes, you can buy the furniture we use in home staging. The furniture can be sold to you or the buyer. We offer great high-end furniture which we can sell to you at a preferred price.
What type of property can you stage?
We style any types of property; no matter how big or small the property is. Having access to high-quality furniture will suit any modern, contemporary, and classic homes to ensure your home is staged to suit any targeted buyer.
Can we use my furniture for home staging?

Yes, we can style the property using your furniture. But we highly recommend that we use our own furniture, so the theme of the property matches the colours and the styles of that buyer that we want to target. It’s better to show the furniture our buyer wants. So they can visualize living in that house rather than showcasing the furniture that we like.

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