Five common mistakes you’re making when you stage a home yourself

Mar 2, 2021

I see many people making common mistakes when they try doing home staging themselves. If you are making these mistakes, there’s a high possibility that you are missing out on selling your home faster, selling it at a higher price, and you might be pushing away your promising buyers.

Let me tell you five common mistakes you’re making when you stage a home yourself and how you can avoid them.

1. You can’t find the right way to balance personal touch in your property

If you home stage your property a bit too personal, it can turn off a buyer by making it hard to perceive living in the space. I would highly recommend removing family pictures or furniture and accessories that you love that might upset the buyer.

On the other hand, if you remove all the personal touch from the property to a point where the place starts to look like someone robbed it. Find the right balance to showcase to the buyers how they can live in that space. But also provide enough imagination for them to visualize living in the home.


2. Over decorating your property

Having your home decorated with a lot of elements can make it overwhelming to the buyer.

Always keep it simple. Never overdo it by adding embarrassing elements. Decorate your property with cushions and natural materials to create a WOW first impression for the buyers.


3. Not understanding your target audience

A professional home stager understands which type of buyer will be viewing your property – and style your home to match the theme. Do intensive research, view other open homes in the Waikato region, and you can also interview the target audience themselves; just ask them what they would want in their desired home. After all, home staging is about the buyer.

4. Not utilizing light

Natural light and using lights, in general, brings the whole space to life. It will make you and the buyer will feel happier and alive inside the house. To fully utilize light, display lights at different levels such as ceiling, eye, and thigh level. On the open home day, turn on lamps and use light scent candles that give you and the buyer a fresh feeling.


5. Not thoughtfully planning item placements

Many people who home stage themselves forget that many potential buyers will be moving around their house. Make sure there is enough space to move around the house; so no one is bumping into strangers. Consider the furniture placement, extend the walking path, and create more space when you are styling your home.



There we go! If you are home staging yourself, make sure to avoid these 5 mistakes before you list your home for sale. Best of Luck!

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Sandra Chagonda

Sandra is the founder of Classy Home Staging where she helps style beautiful homes in Hamilton and the Waikato region. Having been in the property investment market for a decade, Sandra understands what buyers are looking for in a home. If you are looking to increase the home sale value, get in touch with us on